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Corporate Lexport Indirect Tax-Budget 2010 Snapshot by Srinivas Kotni

Corporate Lexport Indirect Tax-Budget 2010 Snapshot

Enforcement of intellectual Property Rights for imported goods by Srinivas Kotni

It is not uncommon to see that various products are quite often imported into/exported out of India by compromising the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) of the right owners. It may be a simple and oft repeated case of import/export of goods, which are infringing the trademarks of a legitimate right owner who has built the brand name and created global reputation by painstaking efforts over a long period of time, or those goods which have been imported/exported by infringing the patent rights of the inventor who has put in enormous research into the product

Introducing Guaranteed Land Titles in India

Madhumita D. Mitra explains that the development of a conclusive land title guarantee system in India is not merely an issue of better physical management of land records but that it also requires urgent legal reforms to end the present presumptive nature of recording of property titles

FEMA Provisions in respect of Repatriation of Salary to the Home Country by the EXPAT employees by Srinivas Kotni

In this article we are analyzing the applicable provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (“FEMA”) in respect of the payment of salaries to EXPAT Employees by Wholly Owned Subsidiaries (“WOS”) of foreign companies and their remittance abroad to the respective home countries

Article published on taxguru

India Moving Towards Goods and Services Tax: Brief Note - by Sumit Wadhwa