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Drafting and Pleadings- Mukul Chandra

DRAFTINGANDPLEADINGS–ESSENTIALTOOLFORLITIGATION - Drafting is an essence of any litigation ‘LegalDrafting’ can be defined as the crystallization and expression of a legal right, privilege, function, duty, or status in a definitive form.

Place of Provision Rules-Brief Overview- Shikha Bhardwaj

Charging Section 66B of the Finance Act 1994, (“Act”) makes the provision of 'service' in the taxable territory as one of the determinative factory for imposition of Service Tax.

Legal Metrology Law in India: Mystifying Aspects by Srinivas Kotni

LEXport managing partner Srinivas Kotni and associate Shikha Bhardwaj offer an overview of India's current metrology laws and suggest a more balanced approach to the system in the lastest installment of our 40 under 45 article series in www.indianlawyer250.com

NSEL crisis: Jignesh Shah's indirect MCX holding may spoil govt case for stake cut

Mr. Srinivas Kotni, Managing Partner of LEXport has been quoted in Financial Express (25th September 2013 edition) on the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) crisis and the issue concerning Jignesh Shah's indirect MCX holding.

Published in Lex Witness

Opinion of our Managing Partner, Srinivas Kotni on SEBI' s new Share buy-back Rules, published in Lex Witness

Young leading lawyers in India under 45 amongst 40 top Law Firms

Srinivas Kotni, Managing Partner of LEXport got selected as one of the young leading lawyers in India under 45 amongst 40 top law firms

Does Kapil Sibal's Green Signal imply the end of wait, for 1 an Investor Friendly Legal Regime?

The government has decided to remove the put and call options hurdle in mergers and acquisitions (M&W) with the law ministry finally clearing the proposal to amend the Securities Contracts 'T (Regulation) Act 1956 (SCRA).....by Madhumna D. Mitra and Ankita Singh

5 Lexport promos + breaking into Bangalore

Delhi law firm Lexport opened an office in Bangalore and announced its first two associate partners Mukesh Yadav and Mukul Chandra, previously senior associates with the firm.

Corporate Lexport Indirect Taxation Budget 2013 Snapshot by Srinivas Kotni

Corporate Lexport Indirect Taxation Budget 2013 Snapshot

Delhi-based firm Corporate LEXport expands operations to Bangalore; Firm to be restructured

Delhi-based law firm Corporate LEXport has recently opened an office in Bangalore. Corporate LEXport Founder and Managing Associate, Srinivas Kotni (pictured) will divide his time between the Delhi and Bangalore offices.